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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Get an Insider's View on the Events that Led to Arizona's Ban on Ethnic Studies

We are getting closer and closer to the publication of our special issue of the Journal of Educational Controversy on "The Education and Schools our Children Deserve."  We have been making readers aware of the various dimensions of the issue in the posts below.   If you want an insider's view on the events we have been reporting on in our coverage of Arizona's ban on ethnic studies on this blog, take a look at our special, "In the News" section in our upcoming issue.  The Director of Student Equity of the Tucson Unified School District, whose district was targeted by the legislation passed in Arizona to ban ethnic studies, tells us about the events that led up to the legislation.  Get an insiders view from Director Augustine Romero and read the actual legislation in our upcoming issue.  Dr.Romero tells his own story in the article, "The Hypocrisy of Racism: Arizona's Movement towards State-Sanctioned Apartheid."


Tiara Pope said...

Im A Junior In Bladensburg High School In Bladensburg, Maryland, And My Thoughts About This "Ban On Ethnic Studies" Based On The Mexican-American School Program In Tucson Is That It's Just Crazy. As A African American Student In High School Wanting To Take African American Studies I Don't See A Problem With Students Wanting To Learn Bout Their History. The Comment "Promote(s) Resentment Toward A Race Or Class Of People" Is Just Stupid, When The Class Doesn't Say That Only Latino Students Can Take The Class. I Don't See How The U.S Can Seat Back Let This Happen, Where You Cant Tell/Talk About The American History Without Talking About Immigrants. Besides Who To Say Their AMERICAN? We All Came Over At The Same Time. Are We Forgetting Bout The American History? I Really Don't See What The Problem Is. Are We Saying That We Don't Want The Students To Learn? What Kind Of Future Are We Making For Ourselves.

fredericaluvsu said...

Frederica Peal said...

I am against the banding of ethnic courses because I feel it is beneficial and important to learn about other cultures. It allows students to learn about history from the past. Also it increases the awareness of the past and help reunite students by providing them with a better understanding of one another racial backgrounds.

Da'Veon said...

My Name is Da'Veon Ramos ,and i am a student at Bladensburg High School in Maryland. I as a student whom takes world history courses in Ms.Mattew Davis class, whom is great to add, feel that a ban on Ethnic studies are not only sad in the case of the state to do ,but also damaging to the true history of us , America's as a whole . I just think that people need to know were they come form.

Estefanie Lopez said...

My Name is Estefanie Lopez I am a hispanic junior in bladensburg High School in Bladensburg, Maryland Taken World History in Ms.Mattew Davis class and my thought to this is outrageous I believe that every student should learn about there culture and history not worrying about if its a crime or not. I think they shouldnt ban Ethnic Studies I Also, think its its not violating the states law all Ethnic studies is doing is just helping students not to forget of wear they are from and to encourage them to make a better future not worring about the type of race they are.

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